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Terminating Federal Supervised Release – How it Works

Getting Started: Early Termination of Federal Probation

Starting the process for ending a term of federal probation early is easy! Simply book an appointment by giving us a call at:

(480) 382-9287

This process involves more than just filling in blanks on a form. A full intake interview is necessary to get the process started.

Our process is broken up into three simple steps.

  1. A thorough intake phone/video interview (30-60 minutes);
  2. Document Preparation (2-4 business days);
  3. Draft Review, Final Draft Approval, and Submission.

Each step is detailed below.

The Interview

There are about two dozen laws, policies, and guidelines that judges consider when making decisions to terminate federal probation early. We interview each client to make sure we know the answers that will address all of these factors. Then we make sure all factors outside factors are considered including restitution and treatment.

All these questions inform us on the necessary pieces needed to do top-notch work in federal probation and supervised release early termination requests. Each interview takes about 30-60 minutes.

Document Preparation

After the interview we take 2-4 business days to craft, edit, and deliver a first draft of your customized documents. Once they’re considered ready for review, we will send the draft to the client for their approval or change notes.

Draft Review, Final Draft Approval, and Submission

Once each client has had time to review their documents and give their feedback, we will make any/all necessary changes to satisfy our client’s preferences. Once all revisions are made, and “Final Draft” approval is given, we supply all required filing documents and detailed instructions for what to do with them.

NOTE: All clients own all rights to the documents we create and deliver. Clients may submit for filing the documents supplied by us, or may change them as little or as much as desired. Clients may choose to file, or not to file, each document at their own discretion. Our responsibility is to make each document custom-tailored for our client. However, many states do not allow us to create and deliver documents intended for filing with the Court. If a client chooses to file these documents as they were delivered (and nearly all do!), each document must be altered (signed) to give in curia effect for submission to a federal court. We provide easy-to-follow instructions with all final document deliveries to ensure all clients know how to file documents in their respective courts, if they so choose.