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Since 2009, PCR Consultants has been dedicated primarily to all matters relating to federal probation and supervised release with an emphasis on early release.

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Federal Probation Termination

Did you know? Most people serving a term of federal probation can be released early by filing a single request to their Court. PCR Consultants has been helping clients gain early release from the federal probation for nearly 15 years by helping them through this process.

Many times, our clients want to shorten their supervision sentences, but either don’t know how to make it happen

The good news? No hearing is required, and the process is very simple to do without the need for an attorney!

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    Early Termination Topics

    From getting out of prison early, to gaining early freedom from probation,
    PCR Consultants is committed to the freedom of our clients.

    What Judges Must Consider

    The law allowing early termination requires judges to consider mostly the same factors they did at original sentencing. More importantly, knowing which factors are excluded is just as valuable as knowing the included factors. Learn more here

    What Judges Should Consider

    One of the factors above directs a judge to look at any policy regarding early termination. These policies should be considered and given plenty of weight. The Sentencing Commission has several policies on early termination and the Judicial Conference has one of its own. Read what each policy says about early termination here.

    Secrets to Early Termination

    The law, past cases about early termination, and policies are all well and good. Better than these, however, are invisible factors that no government official or department has put in writing.  Read about these hidden factors here.

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    Listen to Our successful stories !!

    It was a true pleasure working with Eric at PCR Consultants. From the very first time I spoke with him I was given a sense of professionalism, attention to detail, and a true understanding of the process. The communication from Eric was excellent and most importantly the document provided exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend PCR Consultants.

    Jeff M.

    I was incarcerated 10 yrs and was on probation since 1995 and I was referred to Eric for help. I am so grateful for that referral. He was efficient and professional about my case. And talk about fast!!! I highly encourage anyone on probation and getting your life together to contact Eric at PCR Consultants. You will not regret it.

    Michelle S

    Do yourself a favor if you are on federal probation or need any assistance with the federal system and call pcr consultants. You will save a ton of money and get better results than most paid lawyers. Pcr knows the federal system better than any lawyer I had. I spent a decade in the federal system and spent many hours in the law library. I know a bit about lawyers and jailhouse lawyers. Federal felons are my people and I want my people to get relief they are due. I wasn't asked to write a review; I feel my expectations were exceeded to such a degree the least I could do is write a review.

    Thomas T.

    I hire PCR-Consultants about a month ago to handle the filing of a motion for early termination of my probation and worked directly with Eric in drafting the perfect motion for release of my federal probation. In less than 30 days, I had in my hands an approved motion from the court signed by the judge and was officially released from my probation! All of this happened inless that two weeks from the date we filed! Kudos to Eric and PCR-Consultants! I can attest to the superior service and am 1,000,000% pleased with the results!

    Dave E.

    How to File Federal Probation Termination

    Since 2009 we have helped more than 1,000 people on supervised release request early termination with 60-70% success rates.

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